is family owned by Nuno DeSousa and his wife, Dana DeSousa.

Established over 25 years ago in Carle Place, Nuno and Dana became the proud owners in May 2014. As a couple, they aspired to have a place of their own. Angelo's had great potential at first sight, so with a little TLC, a refreshed ambiance was created!

Nuno DeSousa, a Long Island native from The Mineola /Carle Place area has an extensive culinary background, as well as over 15 years restaurant experience in New York City. Dana DeSousa, an early childhood educator, also has many years of restaurant experience and is a native of New York City. Together, they bring you their dream to deliver a neighborhood pizzeria and restaurant with a family feel.

Dedicated to providing foods with fresh ingredients, striving for balance in food and ambiance. Angelo's aims to meet your highest meal experiences. Delectable eats, we serve to you with "AMORE"! 

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